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From: The Secret Teachings
That the Living Jesus Taught
And that Didymos Judas Thomas recorded.

And Jesus said:
Whoever comprehends
the true meaning of these teachings
will not experience death.
And Jesus said:
Let the one who seeks
continue seeking
until what is sought is found.
When that which is sought is found
the seeker will be wise.
Once wise, the seeker
will transcend all
and will attain rest
and will Be at Peace
concerning everything.

The Mystery of Light
The Oracle
The Nature of Evil
Visions and Spiritual Initiation
Spiritual Experiences of Ecstasy
The Family of Jesus
The Altar of Victory
The Ordination of Women
Plato's Cave
Gnostic Order of Christ Logo

A Central Teaching

Daily Meditation Practice

The Six Elements of Practice

The Strivings


Meditation Practices

Auric Egg Meditation

The Circle and the Dot

The Orange Exercise

Developing Contact with Your Self

World Illumination Meditation

Tenets & Strivings
A Note from Master Timothy...
Why a New Order?
Correcting, etc.
Memorial: Big Rich


Immaculate Heart Servants of Mary

Morning Mary Meditation

Noon Mary Meditation

Evening Mary Meditation

Chamber's Picture of Mary

The Sub Tuum:
Under Your Mantle Holy Mother

A Vision of the Assumption

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